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I got into Graphic Designing because of my passion to art and computer. This program is a mix of both things that I admire.I like art, films, music, and being imaginative. I love creating booklets, illustrations, magazine covers, ads, web designs, brochure, and posters. My goal is to get a stage, and then hopefully go to University to continue to my studies.


  • Fullname: Nesreen Galal
  • Birth Date: December 21, 1997
  • Vanier Student Office Systems: Micropublishing and Hypermedia


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Some of my work are done during my free time and if you would like to see more of them, click on the instagram icon at the top of my page, but most of my work shown above are what I have done during my 3 years at Vanier.


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Phone: (514) 587 7089
Mobile: (514) 553 5464